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download canon camera software

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  • Canon Inc. is a Japanese multinational corporation that specialises in the manufacture of imaging and optical products, including cameras, photocopiers, steppers and computer printers. Its headquarters are located in Ota, Tokyo, Japan."." Canon. Retrieved on January 13, 2009.

  • (Canon cameras) The following provides a partial list of products manufactured under the Canon brand.

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download canon camera software - Canon PowerShot

Canon PowerShot A400 3.2MP Digital Camera with 2.2x Optical Zoom (Blue)

Canon PowerShot A400 3.2MP Digital Camera with 2.2x Optical Zoom (Blue)

The powerful PowerShot A400 brings a striking new look to digital photography. You can choose from among 4 colors of A400 to tune-in with your individual sense of style and personality. Canon also packs a host of impressive new features that make the world of digital pictures amazingly easy - from your very first shot. The new compact body makes it even easier to take the A400 with you anywhere so you won't miss an opportunity to use it. The Canon PowerShot 400 Kit comes with: PowerShot A400 Body / Wrist Strap WS-200 / SD Memory Card SDC-16M / 2 AA-type Alkaline Batteries / Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM / ArcSoft Camera Suite CD-ROM / Interface Cable IFC-400PCU / AV Cable AVC-DC300 We advise buying AA rechargeable batteries and a larger SD SecureDigital memory-card (128MB or higher) for more flexible use. The A400 is camera that you'll love to own and really enjoy using for stills and videos that are sharp and detailed. Print/Share Button plus ID Photo Print and Movie Print; Direct Print and PictBridge Support 1.5 TFT LCD Uses 2 AA batteries for around-the-world versatility Built-in multimode automatic electronic-flash Shoots still and movie pictures 5.82 ounces (camera only); about 8 ounces with batteries and memory-card installed

77% (18)

10D v 40D ISO Comparison

10D v 40D ISO Comparison

(download original for best viewing)

I just picked up the new Canon 40D to replace my aging 10D and it's very, very sweet. The single most impressive thing about it is the low noise at high ISO's. But how much more impressive compared to previous models is it?

In the review on dpreview.com, they pitch it against the 30D and it shows a considerable reduction in noise at high ISO's (particularly at 1600 & 3200). But what about compared to my old 10D. I just couldn't resist :)

Walnuts, why not. A nice distribution across the histogram with some brights, some darks and a chewy nougat center of midtones.

Sigma 28-70mm f/2.8 EX DG

Camera settings (both):
Aperture Priority, f/3.5

Camera settings (40D specific):
Picture Style (Standard, unmodified from default)

Shutter release:
10s countdown timer

Other notes:
Tripod mounted
Images cropped and displayed at 1:1 magnification on the 10D. The 40D images were scaled down in Photoshop to account for the 6 vs 10MP variation in the sensor size and make it easier to look at.

Even at ISO100, the 40D already shows slightly less noise although the 10D image still looks great. Moving up through ISO200 the difference increases and at ISO400, the luminance noise pattern (i.e. the graininess) on the 10D is still acceptable, even giving a slightly pleasing texture to the photo.
ISO800 was the highest I dared shoot with the 10D if I didn't want to soften the image with noise reduction software. That's because chromatic noise starts to creep in here (i.e. blotchy colours, red here). The 40D at the same setting is still looking good but showing higher luminance noise.
At ISO1600, the 10D is unusable in my opinion, with extensive grain clumping and red pixels emerging in full force. Meanwhile, the 40D still maintains a clean and uniform grain distribution and has nearly no chromatic noise. In fact, it looks about as good as the 10D does at ISO400 (a full 2 stops lower).
At the maximum ISO3200 on both cameras, the 10D image is like watching television in a thunderstorm. Blue and green pixels have now crashed the party and the grain pattern is very displeasing to the eye. The 40D has a high ISO noise reduction setting which, when selected, is applied to the image by the processor at all ISO settings, but becomes very effective at higher ISO values. Without the noise reduction at ISO3200, chromatic noise is now visible, however, the noise reduction does a really nice job of removing it and still providing a usable image at ISO3200.

To be perfectly honest, the results blew me away. Launched in early 2003, the Canon 10D is nearly 5 years old and still a very good camera if you shoot in well lit environments and can keep the ISO at 400 or below. But I drink alot with photographer friends in bars and have struggled with getting clean and sharp pictures with only natural light. If you drink with your camera or shoot concerts, in theatres or banquet halls, you'll love the new 40D. It'll give you 2-3 more stops of light, meaning greater depth of field, faster shutter speeds or less noise. Add in all the other improvements including the larger MP sensor and the 40D becomes a serious temptation. And at $1050 CDN body only (if you look around) thoroughly irresistible.

Ready to build

Ready to build

Passive IR trigger for my Canon DSLR. Here are the components ready for the assembly of my prototype (a couple of resistors to be added for the 2 solid state relays). I designed and built a passive infrared trigger for my Canon EOS 5D camera (will work with any camera with a remote shutter release socket) to take pictures when something (an animal) sets off the PIR sensor. This will allow me to set the camera up to automatically capture anythng that moves in front of the sensor. I used a microcontroller to control the camera wake up and shutter release relays. This gives me the ability to control the frequency and number of shots. For the prototype I trigger the wake up relay for 300ms then the shutter release relay for 300ms followed by a 300ms pause before checking the input again to see if there is still movement in front of the PIR sensor. I also put a long delay (1 second) after 5 continuous shots. Depending on results I may replace this long delay with a wait until the PIR is no longer being triggered to prevent too many pictures of one event if the animal stays in range of the PIR sensor for a while. The cool thing is that the camera can go into sleep mode allowing the battery to last for days as the circuit wakes the camera up when movement is detected.

download canon camera software

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